DayOne TagEins

Morning: We had a lot of welcome talks and action to get to know each others. Most „Students from Inholand University are also Teacher. From Finland there are two students, one „new“ one and one „old“ one. Further on we … Weiterlesen →

We are “on”!

We finally reached the University of Art and Design. They have a WiFi, but we have to figure out how to get instant access. :alex: has prapared the first entry to his blog last night. I am looking forward get … Weiterlesen →

Finnland Suomi Trip

Ava Hotel Karstulantie 6, FIN-00550 HELSINKI University of Art and Design Hämeentie 135 C, FIN-00560 Helsinki ePedagogy Design Wi-Fi Hotspots Go and see the Programme…